2011 10 09 / Yuki Higashino & Anna Norberg

Performancekväll med bokrelease

Oppositions 666” en bokrelease i tre akter
Söndagen den 9 oktober 2011 kl 18.00 på Skånes konstförening
Fri entré.

Oppositions 666” a book release in three acts.
Sunday on the 9th of October anno domini 2011.
Doors open 18.00 at Skånes konstförening, Bragegatan 15.
Free entrance.

Oppositions var en arkitekturtidning utgiven av Institutet för Arkitektur och Urbana studier mellan 1973-1984, tidningsredaktionen bestod av Peter Eisenman, Kenneth Frampton, Mario Gandelsonas, Anthony Vidler och Kurt Forster.
Anna Hammerheart Norberg och Yuki Higashino har tillsammans re-mixat ett urval av tidningens u med Annas dagboksanteckningar, teckningar och Metal-symbolik.

Undrar du också vad postmodern arkitektur, Nordisk Black Metal och Holy Minimalism har gemensamt? Dessutom, hur arkitekter tvingas kämpa för att göra sina tråkiga PowerPoint-presentationer uthärdliga ? Dessa performanceverk av Yuki Higashino och Anna Hammerheart Norberg har svaret.

Oppositions was an architectural journal by the Institute For Architecture And Urban Studies that was published from 1973 to 1984. It was edited by Peter Eisenman, Kenneth Frampton, Mario Gandelsonas, Anthony Vidler and Kurt Forster.

In 2011 Anna Hammerheart Norberg and Yuki Higashino together re-mixed a selection of back issues with notes from Anna's diaries, drawings and Metal-symbolics.

So what do Post Modern architecture, Nordic Black Metal and Holy Minimalism have in common? Also, how do architects struggle to make their boring PowerPoint presentation bearable? The performances by Yuki Higashino och Anna Hammerheart Norberg has the answers.

Program / 

19.00 Performance of “Yuki Higashino Reads Aldo Rossi” 
Italian sun cuts your contour sharply against the Norwegian snow
Repetitive chanting and drumming
Dark suits tailored in Milan and black leather jacket from a shop in Oslo
Crowded recording studio
Boxy classicism
Cheap pizza and Ringnes beer
Thor hammers out another cultural export
Charted spiritualism
Long shadows of Roman columns built in 1972 are casted over Europe
Monk’s garb and fake blood
Celtic cross in Rome, orthodox cross in Vienna
But there is nothing to worry, music will numb your brain

19.30 Anna Norberg "Hand of Doom and Visual Pleasures Sju dagar Black metal – dagboksanteckningar" (in swedish/på svenska)

20.00 Book launch of “Oppositions 666”. “Oppositions 666” är en exklusiv Artist-book som endast finns i 40 exemplar. Vid releasen säljer vi boken för 150 kr.
“Oppositions 666” is an exlusive Artist book printed in 40 copies, during the evening the book is for sale for 150 kr.

Yuki Higashino is an artist based in Vienna. Anna Norberg is a freelance curator, based in Sweden, illustrator under the name A.Hammerheart. / Yuki Higashino är konstnär, baserad i Wien. Anna Norberg, konstvetare och frilans curator med bas i Sverige, tecknar som A. Hammerheart.

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